The ‘Window to the Future of Colour’

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While digitisation is becoming heavily adopted by brands and designers as a new way of connecting with consumers, its influence is also having an impact on other areas of the industry, pushing creative companies and agencies to adapt to the ever evolving online atmosphere.⁠

WGSN and Coloro are two companies diving into the digital world as it is obvious from the release of their new colour trend report, ‘A Window to the Future of Colour’. Coloro, the global authority on the future of colour and WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, collaborated and released a colour trend report that is a fully interactive and digital experience. In fact, visitors to the report’s dedicated online site can swipe through to see each individual colour in its entirety, with clickable features and moveable imagery that allows them to interact with the colour.⁠ This report marks the first ever digitally-centred report and consists of five key colours and hues reflecting a mood of realignment, where consumers will adjust to rapid shifts in society and technology.

The sister companies, which release annual Colour of the Year and seasonal trend reports, combine their individual expertise for each collaboration, putting to use Coloro’s extensive colour library and the knowledge of WGSN experts to identify trends for coming seasons. Both Coloro and WGSN agreed that a push for a more digital element was fundamental in keeping up with the dramatic shift of technology.


Each of the five colours, while drastically different from each other, tie in with both the physical and digital surroundings.

Fondant Pink is a pastel hue with an easygoing, youthful appeal, particularly for Gen Z. It signals the return of sweet, mellow shades of pink that blend effortlessly with lilac and lavender shades. This colour connects to feelings of delight and awe which can act as an antidote to anxiety, enhancing wellbeing and slowing down our perception of time.

Elemental Blue confirms the continuation of refined mid-tone colours that speak of a slowed-down lifestyle and increased sensory awareness. Within fashion categories, this indigo blue appeals to all age demographics, from baby to Boomers. It aligns with reductive and circular design strategies and can be used for practical, reliable products that deliver on function and style.

Nutshell, a rich and spicy brown, is a transeasonal colour that evokes warmth and reassurance. It’s inspired by the growing thrift and resale culture and consumers determined to rewrite the rules of entrepreneurship and fractional living. This hue speaks to sustainability over newness and a growing nostalgic sentiment that sees consumers return to retro-inspired styles.

Radiant Red is a sweet and playful summer hue with a luscious quality. This red feels light and youthful, yet its optimistic nature relates to all age demographics and genders. While its exuberance shouts high summer, Radiant Red is a transeasonal bright, suitable for a range of fashion categories.

Cyber Lime is a punchy near neon that exerts and energises the body and mind. This hyper bright green signifies the powerful connection between nature and technology. This zesty lime is gaining traction as a gender inclusive, dopamine bright in the premium and youth fashion sector.

This crossover between digital and physical trends was something that played a big role in the development of the report, emphasising that both of these worlds need to be seen as equals. Over the past year, the digitisation of fashion has grown rapidly, with many brands adopting virtual marketing strategies and experimenting with the potential of metaverse products, gaming collaborations and online e-commerce developments. Not only has fashion adapted to these rapid shifts, but colour analysis experts have also had to consider the new dynamics of digitisation and what it means for the future of colour.


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