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  • by Vivienne Austin

As always, London Fashion Week has delivered an array of fashion trends to draw inspiration from. But this time, it's not just the runway that's making a statement – it's the street style of fashion enthusiasts attending the events. From the Blokette to wide tulle skirts and double denim, we’ve put together a rundown of this season's hottest fashion trends seen on the streets! The key theme? Contrast, The outfits highlighted the divergence between sporty and elegant, with silhouettes and colour gradients adding to the overall effect.



The Blokette trend, which draws inspiration from football culture, has become an essential element of men's street style during fashion weeks. Recently, during London Fashion Week to be exact, a more feminine take on Blokette has emerged in London, refining the casual fan-style with a classic-fashion approach.


The celebrities attending the shows have mixed and matched football jerseys with short skirts or sporty shorts with sweaters and blouses for a preppy look. Or even incorporated other statement pieces reminiscent of team sports into their wardrobe for a stylish contrast. Whether you hate it or love it, this football-inspired trend might be here to stay!


Wide Tulle Skirts

Even when it comes to the wide tulle skirts trend on the streets on LFW, the contrast between the volume and elegance of this piece and the more casual and sporty pairings, were the key element. In fact, wide tulle skirts are a great way to make a statement while still keeping it fun and playful. We have seen these skirts in a wide range of colours, both plain and patterned, and their distinct volume has sure turned lots of heads.


Double Denim

This season, the double denim trend made a comeback as a classic favourite. Wearers were seen mixing and matching different shades and patterns of denim, while some preferred to stick to matching tones. Whether it was trousers or a skirt, there was no set rule on what to wear.

During London Fashion Week, attendees favoured a more casual look, sporting open denim jackets paired with a loose shoulder bag and a trucker cap. To complete the look, big statement sunglasses were a popular accessory. The footwear choices ranged from sneakers to over-the-knee boots, allowing for endless fashion possibilities.




Jellyfish skirts

London's fashion scene has taken on a whole new dimension with this stunning trend that draws its inspiration from the depths of the ocean. The flowing, colourful skirts that have hit the streets evoke the flora and fauna of the underwater world with their coral reef and jellyfish-like tentacle designs. The knee-length pieces are particularly eye-catching, with their seamless, flowing movements. Shorter styles are also present, with puffed-up fabric that resembles a dense coral reef, giving the wearer the feeling of diving.


To complete this look, celebrities have paired these skirts with tight tops that match the colour palette and have a velvety texture, and accessorised with mother-of-pearl or glass wax pieces, as well as transparent materials. Our question is, how much can we actually translate this trend onto our daily lives?


Silver pieces

When it comes to fashion, Londoners know that a silver statement piece is a must-have, especially this season. However, instead of traditional jewellery, they all opted for a striking silver clothing item that stands out against an otherwise understated outfit. From boots and handbags to bustiers and modern artwork, there are endless ways celebrities have incorporated this trend into their street style looks.


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