How Short Term Resolutions Can Be Beneficial For Your Health

  • by Scarlet Destiny Admin

Goals are an important thing to have in our lives as it provides us with motivation, determination, and a positive mindset once those goals are achieved. Whether they be short-term or long term, it can be extremely beneficial for us to have those targets set in place as it contributes positively to our mental health. Adhering to aims gives ourselves a feeling of accomplishment and allows us to reward ourselves to boost our mood. Of course it can be challenging at times, but pushing ourselves is what leads us to the benefits of our targets. Vivienne Austin, Scarlet Destiny’s founder, has recently partaken in a 10-day detox which can particularly be helpful as living a busy life as an entrepreneur can take its toll on you physically and mentally.

The 10 day detox, by The Organic Pharmacy, has been designed as a natural way to cleanse your body, giving you the benefits of a boosted immunity and energy as well as reducing bloating. The Organic Pharmacy has over 20 years of knowledge and has used this to create a range of natural products of the highest pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical standard. Eco-friendly packaging is used for the products as the company aims to respect biodiversity which of course reduces concern for sustainable consumers. The 10 days provides people with supplement capsules, detailed recipes, Tait’s Kitchen how-to videos along with a tailored workout by Ruben Tabaras who has a history of and an excellent pedigree in the health and nutrition field.

 “I designed this 10-day cleanse over a decade ago, when I noticed that every client I saw shared similar symptoms: tiredness, mood swings, digestive problems, brain fog, irritability, inability to handle stress, dull hair and skin. This cleanse is for everyone who wants to go about their day-to-day life, enjoying every moment but also allowing them to restore vitality by actively cleansing the body, breaking bad habits and addictions, and replacing them with good ones, hopefully for a lifetime!” – Margo Marrone, Founder of The Organic Pharmacy.

As Vivienne has recently come to the end of her detox, she gave an insight into her experience of the cleanse. The entrepreneur gave up tea, coffee, alcohol, and bread, whilst replacing carbs with quinoa and vegetables. Whilst she found that cooking three meals a day was challenging, it was good for her in the long run, although next time she would switch up to meals more after adhering to the recipes as much as possible this time around. The detox has improved her daily habits for the long-term, as the designer now has several goals: drink more green or fruit smoothies for breakfast; consume alcohol free drinks throughout the week; purchase a larger variety of vegetables, herbs and seeds to use in dishes; and prepare healthy snacks to store in the fridge. A gut cleanse was the main focus for Vivienne, and therefore she didn’t weigh herself - but still incorporated yoga and stretches into her days. Despite a few headaches at the start of the detox, which are typical during the process, Vivienne kept going and would be keen to do it again.

After discussing the detox experience with Vivienne, it’s interesting to see how a short-term goal, in this case being 10 days, can be so impactful by then inspiring further aims for the year. It also allows us to not need to dedicate too much time to give our body a chance to recover and improve, and relieves any pressure of sticking to something which can be difficult and result in giving up.

What self-care goals have you set for yourself this year?

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